This is YOUR YEAR! The year to be better than yesterday. The year to embrace your run goals and join the 2019 Under Armour You VS the Year Challenge—for free.

What makes this year different? 2018 brought the largest amount of challenge participants, 30,000 active Facebook members contributing to You VS the Year, and over 200k active MapMyRun Facebook users. 2019 will be even more focused on community—lifting you up and supporting you throughout this entire challenge. This group is a safe space to share successes, failures, stories, learnings, ways to recover, and so much more.

What is You VS the Year? A free global virtual challenge where competitors commit to run 1,019 kilometers in the year 2019.

Who is it for? Everyone! Runners of all ages, shapes, and sizes from all over the world.

The pay off? You mean besides bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment? Well, along the way you can win UA gear, digital badges, and the support of thousands of other runners who encourage and inspire each other; helping to reach their potential as individuals and as a global run crew.

How to join? The event is a free virtual run which requires the use of the MapMyRun app where runners can start workouts, log runs and keep track of their data until they reach the 2019 goal of 1,019 kilometers. Join the world's largest health and fitness community and challenge yourself for the entire year!

For MapMyRun support issues, please reach out via this link: